Case Perceiving
Person and disease together is patient. Our approach to thoroughly understand the patient is holistic, wholesome, that is, focus is on, the psycho-neuro-immunological aspect (PNI) and the environment in which he lives and works. Through this method alone, we arrive at a suitable homoeopathic remedy.

Proper diet during the treatment improves the process of restoration of health. We advise what sort of food to be taken and what sort of food is not to be taken and supplements where necessary.
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ― Hippocrates (Hippocrates is known all over as Father of medicine.)

There are people who suffer from diseases caused by stress and strive. Yoga is the one single means for distressing the patient. It is all about harmonizing the body and mind with breathe through appropriate yogasanas (body postures), employing breathing techniques leading to meditation. Yoga is well tuned with homoeopathy.

Basically is a process of assisting the patient to release strong personal, social and/ or psychological feelings through catharsis. While counseling we not only listen to the patients narration but also put inquisitive questions to elicit what he is not voluntarily disclosing for whatever reason and encourage to speak out confidently and without hesitation about anything which has embedded in his mind.

Health Tips On SMS
We offer our patients health tips for prevention of seasonal infectious and contagious diseases through SMS. We educate them about ways and means through which they can lead a healthy life.

Door Step Facility
Patients who are in very serious condition or hospitalised or disabled to come to AHC, we visit them if the situation demands. Our motto here is to be present where our services are needed.

Tele-Cosultation / E-Consulation
Our patients already in treatment and residing at any part of India or world can any time contact us. If they cannot come to clinic, we help them by talking to them or by e-consultation through video calling, skype, facetime etc.

Preventive And Promotive Treatment
“Prevention is better than cure” Keeping this in mind we offer preventive care for all our patients. Even after they are relieved of their sufferings, a periodical reassessment is done. Specially when some kind of epidemic diseases spread in some particular area.

If need be there, patients are referred to other Physician, specialists etc. for evaluation and advice: for example- for dental problems, eye problems, ortho-problems etc.

Value addition in the AHC to opt for courier service to all our patients in Delhi, other parts of India and overseas (where ever it is permissible). Patients who consult us on telephone or e-consultation, we send them medicine through our courier services. Even if a patient is taking our treatment and is not in a position to visit clinic we follow up on telephone and send them the remedy.

The growth of pharmacy of the clinic has been consistent with time. New techniques and methods of preparations and administration of medicines are adopted. A wide variety of medicines in various potencies of stocked appropriately so as to cater to patients suffering from different ailments. AHC’s pharmacy is well-equipped with all requirements for effectively storage and dispensing of medicines in Decimal, centesimal and 50 millesimal potencies. Medicines are procured from reliable sources in well sealed packs with quality assurance. They are carefully and correctly dispense with clear instructions to patients and their escorts.