Once upon a time, a young man in his early life suffered with a very severe cold & coryza. He tried every other way of treatment. After every hope was gone, he finally found the cure in homoeopathy. A very famous homoeopathic doctor treated him. He got so impressed with this art of healing that he built his career in homoeopathy and finally came in the divine field of treating every incurable illness. That one moment of hope changed his life and he became one of the best Homoeopathic doctors in the world. The man was our founder Dr. M.L. Agrawal and the doctor who treated him was none other than Dr. N.C. Banerjee.

Agrawal Homoeo Clinic started functioning from a small corner of the residence of Dr. M. L. Agrawal. Bit by bit this small clinic went into the hearts of people of India and also to the overseas. Over the years, AHC underwent a dynamic transformation and the determination of helping the hopeless became a revolution. Now AHC nurtures by 2nd & 3rd generation of Dr. M.L. Agrawal. It has in placed state-of-the-art ambience and Clinic Management System powered up by Practo. Now the team of AHC comprises well-qualified and well-trained Doctors, Executive and Pharmacist who work together with dedication and provide good quality of medical service to their patients.

Offering Genuine Homoeopathy: We promise to offer natural homoeopathy only, which was imparted by the founder Dr Samuel Hahnemann.

Twin-Zoned Consultation: It involves assigning two consultants to every single patient at the first consultation. First, the case is studied by one doctor followed by the review of another doctor for the deep study of the case, to reach the root cause of it. Hence our endeavour is to serve every patient with full precision.

Prescription: It includes the required medicine along with its proper dose (needs graduated dispensing). A thorough symptom examination is done, softwares are used if need be, then only prescription is dispensed. We hand over formal prescription with dispensed medicine.

Next Visit: It does not stop here; all the necessary care is being taken for the patient under the treatment. The best part is our doctors are just, one call away!

In this span, of fifty years with the passage of time, variety of developments, leading to adoption of improved methods for treatment of patients have taken place. Now it stands tall with well-experienced as well as budding and enthusiastic homoeopathic physicians, who update themselves with the latest technology supported by new researches in homoeopathic service. AHC is well-equipped with softwares to manage the appointments and maintain patient’s medical record. Our team members are taught to practice quietude and tranquility which is essential for successful practice of homoeopathy.

In these five decades, patients from 11 countries and almost every prominent city of India and counting further have been treated successfully for so called incurable diseases like allergies, thyroid disorders, kidney stones and its failure, cancer and so on apart from all kind of seasonal/acute diseases. AHC is so to say in one word is the multi-specialty homoeopathic clinic.


Dr. M. L. Agrawal

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