The notion “Homœopathy acts slowly?” or ” HOMŒOPATHY takes long time to show results.” is baseless. In acute illnesses if remedy is selected accurately, its effect is almost magical. In chronic illnesses, time taken is relative to the duration of illness.

Long interviews/Detailed history have their use, as HOMŒOPATHY wants to go into your deep study, by considering your immediate sufferings, your past illnesses, your hereditary tendencies and family history, your emotional status as a whole – during illness and otherwise, your liking and disliking in food, drink, temperature, weather etc and many more things to select an appropriate remedy to stimulate your immune system as a whole to make you disease- free totally.

Buddy, if you are healthy why do you want medication. BUT, I understand the bottomline of your question and it is the human nature to improve upon the existing condition. If we can demarcate any such parameter by which it can be substantiated that your immunity level has increased, YES, homœopathy has the potential to do so.

Homœopathic treatment is based on symptom similarity and is not fully dependent on diagnosis. It can possibly cure you of the impending disease, which is yet to be fully developed by building the immunity as a whole i.e. nipping the evil in the bud.

There is no THUMB RULE to know the duration of treatment required. A minimum period of three to six month is generally enough to feel the perceptible difference though the complete restoration may depend on many diverse factors like chronicity of complaints, multiplicity of complaints, severity of complaints, recurrence of complaints, past history, family history, age and individual’s response to the treatment, continued physical, mental and psychological stresses etc.

First of all it is not mandatory to have homœopathic aggravation in all the patients. It depends on the sensitivity of the patients. Even if it happens, it is generally of a very transitory nature and is a good omen to mark the beginning of the improvement.

Lab investigations are needed initially for disease diagnosis
to understand the gravity of the illness
to know prognosis of the illness
to know the course of the illness
to evaluate the correctness of the treatment by
retesting when clinical relief is already there.

Medicines can be checked at any reputed laboratory to rule out the possibility.

You will be surprised to know that homœopathy gained its popularity only because of its ability to show better results in acute conditions and epidemics and history bears its testimony. Homœopathy works in reducing the curse of the acute disease and recovery without much loss of strength of the patient.

YES! Homœopathy can help in treating addictions

  • By modifying the craving
  • By treating withdrawal symptoms
  • By boosting the self-confidence through CONSTITUTIONAL HOMŒOPATHIC TREATMENT.

Homœopathy treats MAN IN DISEASE, RATHER THAN DISEASE IN MAN. Homœopathy acts together with body’s natural reactions and stimulates the defense mechanism(immunity) which helps in eradicating the diseases. As the immunity level gœs up, disease phenomenon as a whole gœs down. Improvements can be experienced in different percentages in one/all illnesses.

When you are on long term/continued allopathic treatment, sudden withdrawal or stoppage can cause severe rebound phenomenon in some cases. That is why this handing over and taking over from one kind of treatment to another has to be monitored very delicately. As the signs of improvement are showing, gradual reduction of the regular medication is advisable.

As homœopathy is known for its smallness of doses, the tiny sugar pills taken daily dœsn’t make much difference because the sugar intake in daily diet is much higher than a few sugar pills.

Depending on the illness, homœopaths medicate with different medicines. The sugar pills serve only as a vehicle or media for transfer of the medicine. If not medicated they are merely placebœs only.

Generally there are no side effects of homœo medicines if they are prescribed under proper medical advice; however few deeper acting medicines can leave prolonged side effects if taken for a long time on wrong advice.