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Treatment and Management of Covid-19: Homoeopathic Perspective

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With the rise of the new decade of 21st century when people were celebrating and wishing around everyone Happy New Year, news of COVID-19 broke out from Wuhan, China. Initially it was taken lightly having the faith in systems of China which would curb it well. And! Unexpectedly, WHO declared COVID-19 as pandemic on 11th March 2020. As per the reports, more than 190 countries are affected. In more than 190 countries, more than 7.33 lac people got this disease out of which more than 34000 people succumb to this disease around the world so far. And this is dynamic number which is changing every minute. Europe which is 6000 Kms away from China became the epicenter of COVID-19 and its now changing to USA. When the new appearing cases are below 03 in China but it is exponentially on rise in other countries. Amidst the situation, all the continents are affected, and India is not an escape. India has a population of 1.37 billion and we have 1071 confirmed cases and 29 reported deaths which includes 2 deaths in Delhi.

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Covid19 Homoeopathic Perspective


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