Founder of “The Progressive Homoeopathic Society”
Dr. Jugal Kishore called him “The Indian Boenninghausen”

Dr. M.L. Agrawal, a distinguished homoeopath and a man of ethics, after 32 years of relentless work for homoeopathy, left us for heavenly abode on 20/11/2000. His sudden and untimely departure has left all of us inspiring to continue working.

His Early Life:
He was born on November 3, 1937. His father’s name was Shri Nannoo Mal Agrawal, a businessman and mother Shrimati Rukhmani Devi. His mother died when he was only 3 years old, and at this tender age, was exposed to the hardships of life.
He started his career as a clerk in ‘Employment Exchange’, and within a very short time became renowned for his ability to teach stenography. He then went on to work in Railways, where he remained for 25 years. Here also he was admired by his fellow workers and superiors for his meticulous and up-to-date work.

His introduction to Homoeopathy
During his service life, once he came down with cold and coryza. He could not be treated successfully by the then prevalent system of medicine and remained troubled by this problem for a long time. Ultimately, he was cured by Dr. N. C. Banerjee, one of the great followers of Homoeopathy, with Nux vomica. During his treatment, he noticed an initial aggravation of all his symptoms followed by a lasting recovery. He felt so impressed by the homoeopathic system of treatment that he requested Dr. Banerjee to teach him this unique art of healing. Once adopted by the great soul and successful homoeopathic physician- Dr. N. C. Banerjee, there were never ending stories of people being benefited and cured by him in India and overseas.
He graduated and registered as a homoeopathic physician with the Punjab Council of Homoeopathy in 1970, and started a successful career in Homoeopathy.

As an Organizer
From the very beginning, he was linked with Homoeopathic Medical Association of India (HMAI). He worked under the guidance of Dr. Jugal Kishore for some years and formed the Asian Homoeopathic Medical League (AHML), and a local organization, ‘The Progressive Homoeopathic Society’, especially to encourage and help students and neo-homoeopaths.

Honours Conferred
In 1990, he attended a conference of OMHI in Mexico, where he was given silver medal for his contributions to homoeopathy.
In the very year, he presented a case report of prostate cancer named “Mind and Cancer- a Hidden Link”, in British Homoeo Journal, London, which was declared as the best paper.

As a teacher, lecturer, researcher
He was invited for giving lectures at various times by different countries:
1993 – Perubaten Homoeopathic Society, Malaysia
1994 – H.A.V. SHI Homoeopathic Institute, Switzerland
1994, 18th Aug. – He was interviewed on BBC.
1995 – Aukland College of Classical Homoeopathy, Sydney
1995 – Queensland Homoeopathic Practitioners, Brisbane

As an Author
He was the author of several books:

Materia Medica of the Human Mind Key to the Rubrics of Mind
My Scientific Papers My Clinical Cases

As a Family Man
He married Dr. Krishna Aggarwal on 2nd May, 1962. Among four of his children, one daughter & the only son are Homoeopathic Physicians.