Holistic way

Everyone wants excellent health; most of people suffering one kind of disease or other assure themselves that they will be well proper treatment is taken.
Since modern physicians are disease and drug oriented, they spend most of their time make trying to identify a disease process, so that a drug can be prescribed or treatment plan for the patient can be made.

But in homoeopathy, the physician has to understand the patient following the process well known as HOLISTIC WAY of treatment. Then, he needs to understand you through your past, family history and every minutest details of your suffering.

This included foremost the adoption of better case taking technique especially in chronic cases. Each case is dealt with as unique, the treatment starts with detailed case taking, so as to get the characteristic totality of the suffering individual which encompasses his/her presenting complaint, the peculiarities of mental and physical sphere (The Generals), the family history (the inherent tendencies) in conjugation with anamnesis (the evolution) of the suffering individual. Once constructed the characteristic totally guides towards the selection of the similimum (remedy) for the person in disease with the aid of repertorisation when needed, which is then administered in minimum dose, repeated according to the necessity of the case.

Homoeopathy does not evaluate the illness. for instance— from the stand point of “what is the causative agent,” which is the standard procedure of modern medical science. It does not ask what infection, what abnormal chemistry, what change in structure, lies at the bottom of disease and obviously, therefore, has to be removed; but it addresses itself to what we call the phenomenon of constitutional totality. It considers the wholeness of the phenomenon in descriptive, not causalistic terms.

In the past forty years, since the inception of the clinic, the principle of ‘single remedy’ has been followed at this clinic, which is still continued. No patient is prescribed more than one remedy at a time and external application of any sort is also not advised or prescribed.

Before following these approaches in each case, inner thought of every one of us encored on the axis: ‘i treat… He cures’