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Homoeopathy has been a second choice of treatment around the world. Still so many myths prevail about it. AHC is presenting the answers to these myths:

Does Homoeopathy act slowly?

This is a wrong notion that arising from inadequate awareness of how Homoeopathy remedies work. What is to be known here is that these remedies work on the body and the mind together. In the case of chronic disease, a period of seven to ten days is generally enough to feel the perceptible difference, and in the case of acute ones, the positive effect can be experienced within the first few hours of taking the remedy. One should not overlook here that it all depends on the prescriber, the prescription and the prescribed-for. However, the period of treatment for complete restoration depends on diverse factors, the chronically and multiplicity of the complaint. Its recurrence, severity, past history, family history, age and general health of the patient, his response to the treatment, continuing physical, mental and psychological stress. And cooperation as an ally.

Why a detailed history is needed for homoeopathic treatment?

It is must to bring back the patient to normal health. The Homoeopathic physician has to consider the patient’s present sufferings, past illness, hereditary tendencies, family history, emotional status as a whole during illness and otherwise, liking and disliking in food, drink, temperature, weather, reaction to a given situation, etc, to select an appropriate remedy to stimulate the immune system as a whole in order to achieve disease free status.

When Homoeopathic treatment is based on symptoms matching, then, what is the need of lab investigations, the blood test, X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT Scan, MRI, etc.

Lab investigations initially help in understanding the seat of diseases and its intensity, later to know the illness and to evaluate the correctness of the treatment by retesting when clinical relief is already there. These steps assure both the doctor and the patient that they are on the path to recovery.

Can Homoeopathy help in treating addictions like smoking, alcohol, drug abuse etc?

Yes. Good results are possible in taking homoeopathic treatment. An addicted person has a long psychological origin for the particular addiction. However, the treatment advocated in Homoeopathy is simultaneous medication and counseling psychotherapy to remedy.

Can you cure me of my varied problems like high blood pressure, acidity and arthritis simultaneously or should I go in for one disease at a time?

Treatment in Homoeopathy is always as a WHOLE, be it any no. of complaints you are suffering from. Homoeopathy acts together with patient’s natural response to a given situation and stimulates the defense mechanism (immunity). As the immunity level goes up to the desired level, the disease phenomenon drops down. Improvement, once started, will be experienced in all the complaints.

I am regularly taking eltroxin for my thyroid problem and my doctor says to continue till lifelong. What can Homoeopathy do?

(Similarly people who take regular allopathic medicines for diabetes, hypertension and depression)

When you are on long term /continued allopathic treatment, sudden withdrawal or stoppage of that treatment can cause severe rebound phenomenon. So handing over and taking over from one kind of treatment to another is necessary and has to be monitored very closely. As the sign of improvement are felt, gradual reduction of the regular medication is advisable.

I am a diabetic. My apprehension is that homoeopathic medicine will add on to my sugar load as they are made up of sugar?

No. The fact is that homoeopathic remedies are not made up of sugar. As homoeopathy is known for its smallness of the doses, the tiny sugar pills, which are soaked with homoeopathic remedy taken daily do not make any difference because the sugar intake in daily diet is much higher than a few sugar pills. They are only a vehicle to administer the medicine. Further these remedies are now available in liquid form also, and prescribed as such.

Is Homoeopathy safe for pregnant women, children and aged?

Yes, not only safe but it’s the best mode of healing at all the stages of one’s life. During pregnancy, during infancy, during childhood and during old age. Homoeopathy offers the required stimulation without any adverse effects, and thus safe at all such cases.


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