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Monsoon is basically a change of direction of winds. A change when sea winds are merging with land winds and by rest of other changes causes lot of pouring of water. This change is welcome change for many and not really for some. But definitely CHANGE is the key word will lead to change in everything including your health too. With Monsoon season there is increase in general health problems related to monsoon for anyone. This may be as a result of meteoric and telluric causes like water logging and contamination there is increase in incidence of water-borne diseases like Gastroenteritis, Cholera, Hepatitis, etc. or as a result of Vector-borne diseases due to insects bite like Viral Fevers, Dengue, Malaria, etc. Moreover, this weather do impact mind, emotions of the human beings. Due to Humidity and climatic change and / or direct getting wet in Monsoon, also there is rise in upper respiratory tract infections, Pharyngitis, bronchitis. There is also rise in incidence of acuteness in patients of Chronic Bronchitis and Asthmatic patients. Also we see rise in skin infections involving the foot skin as a result of direct contact of contaminated water.

Diabetes mellitus is a perpetual disease one has to live with once it comes with someone. To be with it in a healthy manner one must know each and every weather that how to go about and avoid any complications. In patients who are already having diabetes, all these diseases if not taken care of at early stage leads to complications related to disease itself and also there might be aggravation of complications related to diabetes, if diabetes is NOT under good glycemic control.

It is seen that when any infection comes in diabetics, it’s a kind of biological stress in the person for which the living system reacts and in this reaction, the sugar in blood rises. This rise comes in the proportion of the magnitude of infection. Hence needs some caring tips given by AHC as below:

1. In a setting of water-borne disease because of nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and loss of appetite, there is water loss from body resulting in dehydration, also there is less caloric intake and if the same ongoing dose of ongoing diabetic medicine is continued there is chance of developing hypoglycaemia. In such situation, adequate hydration needs to be maintained with plenty of liquids intake to avoid dehydration. Homoeopathy can come here as a rescue to quickly cure this infection and put the person at the rest.

2. Diabetics over a period of time also become Hypertensive and both these disease double chances of having their kidney involved i.e. Nephropathy, may lead to Acute Kidney Injury (Renal Failure) or progression of Nephropathy itself if proper hydration is not maintained during such infections because of body water loss/dehydration.

3. On the other hand if blood sugars are not under well control, such infections may get aggravated leading to sepsis/septicaemia, as a result of acquired infection, Moreover, there may be increased chance of severe complications of Diabetes like Ketoacidosis or Non Ketotic Hyperglycaemia or Lactic Acidosis which may be life threatening complications in Diabetic. One needs to keep their blood sugar levels under good control and seek medical advice at early stage to avoid.

4. Foot infections may also aggravate. Simple boil, corn or cuts may be looking small from outside but if get infected in Diabetics spread beneath the skin and result into deep abscess or cellulitis, which may if left unattended become cause for partial or total limb amputation. It is more pronounced and go unnoticed by Diabetics because if they have Neuropathy person may not feel pain sensation. One must always keep their blood sugars under control and regularly check their foot for such corn, redness, cuts, and if found abnormal, without any delay should seek medical advice from homoeopathic doctor. One must also wear proper fitting shoes.

Caring for Your Feet

There are many things you can do to keep your feet healthy.

Check your feet every day. Look at your bare feet for red spots, cuts, swelling, and blisters. If you cannot see the bottoms of your feet, use a mirror or ask someone for help.

Be more active. Plan your physical activity program.

Wash your feet every day. Dry them carefully, especially between the toes.

Keep your skin soft and smooth.

If you can see and reach your toenails, trim them when needed. Trim your toenails straight across and file the edges with an emery board or nail file.

Wear shoes and socks at all times. Never walk barefoot. Wear comfortable shoes that fit well and protect your feet. Check inside your shoes before wearing them. Make sure the lining is smooth and there are no objects inside.

Protect your feet from hot and cold. Wear shoes at the beach or on hot pavement. Don’t put your feet into hot water. Test water before putting your feet in it just as you would before bathing a baby. Never use hot water bottles, heating pads, or electric blankets. You can burn your feet without realising it.

Keep the blood flowing to your feet. Put your feet up when sitting. Wiggle your toes and move your ankles up and down for 5 minutes, two (2) or three (3) times a day. Don’t cross your legs for long periods of time. Don’t smoke.

Homoeopathic lotion: do make a lotion or oil by mixing T. Arjuna Q (homoeo medicine) with olive oil in equal quantity and apply every morning and evening on your foot.

So, change of seasons, moods, etc. will be the only constant phenomena and to live healthy especially with diabetes be with above tips and homoeopathy and enjoy your world!!


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