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Homoeopathy to Boost Immunity during Rise in Covid Waves

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Homoeopathy discovered and developed during the 19th century when the concept of immunity was not in prevalence as it is now. In fact, the focus of Homeopathy as a science and art was always to stimulate the immune system that resulted in a cure of a particular disease. Its medicines should be called as Clinically Tailored Vaccines.

When a Homoeopathic Doctor asks a patient about all his symptoms in detail, he is simultaneously selecting a medicine that can elicit similar symptoms. These medicines are amongst the naturally prepared and potentized substances , which is most suitable to the patient based on the Law of Similars. When such a selected medicine is administered to the patient, it provides the required stimulus leading to necessary changes in his immunological system (it may be apt to be called as Psycho-Neuro-Immunology).

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In cases of Infectious diseases like covid, such an indicated medicine will produce necessary antibodies to combat the disease in the least possible time and without any side effects what-so-ever.

Another unique aspect of Homeopathy is that such a Clinically Tailored Vaccine (indicated homoeopathic remedy) is not like the one that is applicable to everyone with Covid. There are several remedies and we need to select it according to the uniqueness of the individual. It means it may be a different medicine for different patients as symptoms tend to vary with every individual in terms of his or her sensitivities and susceptibilities.

Adding to this complex is that the virus is mutatating fast enough to create numerous variants of its own. (a natural tendency of the viruses to mutate for their survival). While selecting a remedy it is also necessary to take into account its varied mutants as its symptoms vary.

Accordingly then the selection of medicine will also differ. Therefore to get the right remedy there has to be a selection of medicine as per the patient as well as their symptoms. Only then the cure is certain without any side effects. Thus Homoeopathy does not recommend ONE BOOT FOR EVERY FOOT! It recommends boots for your foot as per your size.

Now the question that is prevalent everywhere is that when you are not still infected, is there a way to raise your immunity with homeopathy so that you can be protected and the remedy can be a preventative. Yes! It’s possible.

You must have heard every one is not infected with covid. In fact it is most ( not all) of the people get infected. How do we achieve a condition towards prevention of Covid among those who are not affected.

Again, you need to consult your homoeopathic doctor who will take down your details of symptoms in a subtle way to trace back the basic defect in your immunity that can invite an adverse condition . we call it Miasmatic defects. In simple terms in homeopathy it means a supposed predisposition to a particular disease, either inherited or acquired

We look for patients’ cravings and aversions for particular food, peculiar reactions to weather, sleep and dream patterns, sweating and their emotional sensitivity and behavior. It shows a peculiar pattern of your organism indicating the defect which is responsible for you to be susceptible to particular infectious diseases like covid etc.

To come up with some important remedies to prevent you from infection of covid will depend on your symptoms. And I strongly recommend you to always consult your homoeopathic doctor for such treatment.

Here I am giving you some patterns in the form of symptoms of a few remedies. Apart from medicines, I have also indicated as to which potencies they should be used and how many times to be used are some of the very crucial decisions a homoeopathic doctor has to make. But all this depends on the patients’ symptoms and their sensitivities.

Arsenic Album: A person highly sensitive to his surroundings about the cleanliness and very fearful of infections. Such a person should take 4 pills once a day for three days in a week and repeat it in subsequent weeks for a month.

Aconite Nap.: A person has gone in panic state due to the fear of infection. It is so much that he believes that he will surely die of it. Such person should take 4 pills once a day for three days in a week and repeat it in subsequent weeks for a month.

Nitric Acid: A person very anxious about the getting the infection but very obstinate and in his temperament, loves to eat butter and all fatty and fried stuffs, enjoys travelling and his urine is very offensive. Also, he says his soles of feet remain very cold. Such person should take 4 pills once a day for three days in a week and repeat it in subsequent weeks for a month.

Many more such medicines are there in Homoeopathy but immunity of a person is time and situation sensitive , dynamic mechanism outside and well governed from inside by your lineage of diseases load of your family and keeps on modulating accordingly.

Homoeopathy can be effective in promoting immunity keeping in consideration of your inside and outside environment both physical and psychological and your individuality developed as a consequence.
Hence, homoeopathy cares you from inside to outside in a designer way! But you need to consult with the expert who knows the science and art of Homoeopathy.

And AHC treatment Protocol is always the same as described above.


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