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Homoeopathy on World Patient Safety Day

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Today is the D-day for patients- the suffering sighing humanity! Because, WHO has announced that today is the FIRST World Patient Safety Day! I welcome this announcement of WHO. But, the question is why so late? This day has come after millions have lost their life untimely. Better late than never!

Looking Back:

Delving into the history one can find out that Hippocrates, the father of Medicine, said Primum Non Nocere! He was of the view that none of the patient be harmed in any way by any act of the doctors. But after him, fraternity passed into the dark ages where all wisdom is kept aside and so called physician became busy in making money in name of treatment. This thought has been prevailing even after renaissance. Today is the neo-renaissance day for the safety of patient at the end of medical team.

How This Day Came?:

This is not easy to change specially the practices that make money! Hence, this day has come after many unsung heroes has been working towards this goodness. One such name is Christine Dodd. There many more and a long list can be created. I salute them all for this revolution and realisation. This led to the pledge by many leaders of medical industry, medical colleges, Nursing organisations etc. towards the patients’ safety. This is welcoming that all are on the same page.

Homoeopathy for the Patients’ Safety:

Yes! Homoeopathy is SAFE for each and every patient in every way. As per the methodology of practicing homoeopathy, it is safe because:

Treat the Patient Who has the Disease: This very dictum make every homoeopathic physician to know his patient in detail, I mean physician must take down the whole case in detail before prescribing.

Minimum Dose: After reaching to the indicated remedy, the physician gives him the said medicine in such a minimum dose which is beyond its chemical quantity but expressed well in its QUALTY- Potency. Such a minimum dose keeps the patient absolutely safe from any toxicity- Side-effects.

Symptoms are the Sole Guide: Since every physician must go by this rule and fetch out the symptoms of each patient so very minimal investigations are required hence, patient is not exposed to any such hazards of invasive investigations.

Minimal Hospitalisation: Since most of the patient respond well in OPDs then minimal hospitalisation required. but, still some patients need it.

Caution: Those physicians not really following the methodology of homoeopathy and tries some other methods may harm patients. For homoeopathic physicians who are not following the cardinal principles of homoeopathy must pledge today to abandon such practice and follow the Hahnemann’s Methodology as given in Organon of Medicine.

It will be real service towards the suffering humanity! AHC is one such clinic where all safety measures are in for last 50 years!



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