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Homoeopathy for Fit India Super Hit India

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Life-style, Health and Homoeopathy is in sync with India and Indians.

The D-Day

AHC extends warm healthy and blissful wishes today on the eve of National Sports Day. It is the Birth Anniversary of major Dhyanchand- The Indian Hockey Legend.

Today a programme is launched FIT INDIA SUPERHIT INDIA by Hon. Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi. The programme began with the live presentation with our age-old games (Sttapoo, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi etc.) and folk dances (Bhangra, Bharat Natyam, Garbha, Bihu etc.) . They showcased these activities in relations with FITNESS leading to prevention of non-communicable diseases. Also, it reveals the cultural fabric of India about entertainment which is: for the people, by the people and of the people(UTSAV). It is not at all passive entertainment. And, it gives PREVENTION from diseases!

How Homoeopathy is Connected

Homoeopathy is Western Vedic Medicine, discovered in Germany but flourished in India. Presently, India pioneers in its education, practice and research. As per WHO, it is the 2nd most popular system of treatment in the World.

Health and Swasthya can never be synonym to each other. Swasthya means To be in peace with one-self. But, Health does not come up this sense though speaks ‘Whole’. It is the anciant India better say Bharat (BHA+Rath: Keep delving in pursuit of knowledge), defined and considered Swasthya as wealth and after it, Master Hahnemann the father of Homoeopathy defined health with same sense as Swasthya. He defined it as it is the harmony, Harmony with Universe. Any disturbance to this harmony is disease and Homoeopathy is there to set it back. AHC, now more that 50 years young, is one such Homoeo Clinic in Delhi to treat patients with this wisdom. AHC pledge to sync with this FIT INDIA SUPERHIT INDIA Movement!

Understanding Behind This Movement

About up to 30 years back, India was in the sync with this above described mindset (logically), Heart set (emotionally) and Soulset (spiritually). But recently, seeing the rampant rise of non-communicable (Life-style diseases), this sync seems breaking. This need to re-unite and such movement is the need of the hour.

This is required to be connected with homoeopathy so that the decided results can be achieved. So, all must connect to FIT INDIA SUPERHIT INDIA MOVEMENT and seek homoeopathy treatment in case of any seasonal or other diseases are experienced. This is surely going to make every Indian and India: Healthy and Wealthy India!


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