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Homoeopathy is the latest system of medicines, founded by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. He was a well qualified Allopathic Doctor. However, he considered cruel the method of treatment available in those times. This feeling worked on him and led him to evolve the Homoeopathic System of medicines. The mainstay of this system is that it treats the patient as a whole. It does not negotiate with only the disease. That means it treats body and mind together. Its remedies are gentle and soft. The word Homoeopathy is derived from “homoeo” meaning “similar” and pathos meaning “suffering”. It is a medical science based on the natural law of treatment, “SIMILIA SIMILILBUS CURENTUR” i.e., “let like be treated by likes”. AHC has come up with the following understanding for you:

Why Should Homoeopathy Be The Choice of Therapy?

You are right in choosing Homoeopathy System of Medicine for treatment of disease or ailment you are suffering from. At present, you have before you a variety of system of medicine. No one system is of lesser importance than any other. However, Homoeopathy has its own special place in the field of treatment of disease. Homoeopathic prescriptions aim at the disease symptoms treating the patient as a whole. Besides removing the disease symptoms they also enhance the existing healing power of the patient, so that these symptoms do not reappear.

Homoeopathy: The Holistic Medicine

The concept of disease in homoeopathy is that disease is a total affection of mind and body, the disturbance of the whole organism. Individual organism are not the cause of illness but disturbance at the inner level {disturbance of the life force, the vital energy of the body) is the cause of illness. Therefore, Homoeopathy does not believe in giving different medicines for different affected part of the body but rather give one single constitutional remedy, which will cover the disturbance of the whole person. Homoeopathy treats the person as a whole and not just as disease. Medical Philosophy is coming more and more to the conclusion that the mere treatment of symptoms and organs can only help temporarily and that is the healing power if the body as a whole that has to be enhanced. Homoeopathy believe in holistic, totalistic and individualistic approach.

Homoeopathy: Magic of Minimum dose

Homoeopathy has a unique approach of the method of preparation of the drugs in which the end result will contain only the ‘dynamic curative power’ of the drug substance devoid of any original crude substance by a special mode of preparation called ‘potentization’, over 2500 homoeopathic medicine are prepared from sources such as vegetables, animals, minerals, chemicals etc. Hence, homoeopathic remedies are non-toxic, absolutely harmless and bring about SAFE AND SECURE CURE. Homoeopathy remedies are dynamic agents influencing body’s energy.

Homoeopathy: ideal for Infants and Children.

Most of the children ailments like Cold, Cough, Fever, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Dysentery, Colic, Tonsillitis, Bronchitis, Asthma, Measles, Chickenpox, Mumps, Dentition problems, etc, could be very effectively treated without producing any side effects whatsoever. Homoeopathic pills do not hamper digestion, or lower body’s resistance, neither do they cause any allergies nor cause any damage. Children willingly ingest homeopathic pills being sweet in taste. Indeed, homoeopathy is child-friendly. Besides, homoeopathy is effective also in temperament and behavioral problems seen commonly in children like irritability, obstinacy, temper-tantrums, fears, phobias, destructiveness and thumb-sucking, nail biting and bed-wetting. It is also efficacious in mentally & physically backward children.

Homoeopath: Good Substitute to Surgery

Surgery is called forth in the conditions where medicines have limited or no role and where surgical aid, operation can cure or improve the condition. There are number of diseases which are labeled as “surgical”. For example, Septic Recurrent Tonsillitis, Piles, Fissure-in-ano, Fistula, Appendicitis (except gangrenous). Chronic Ear Discharge, Vocal cord nodules, Polyp in nose-ear, Kidney & Biliary (small) stones, Small Size Uterine Fibroids. Ovarian Cysts, Warts, Corns, etc. These diseases can also be treated successfully with Homeopathic remedies without going for surgery.

Homoeopathic: Answer to Allergic diseases

In modern life, various allergic disorders are rampant. Allergic disorders are individualistic and arise from lack if right immune of that individual. Homoeopathy offers very effective treatment in all allergic diseases such as Urticaria, Eczema, and Contact Dermatitis. It gives unbelievably miraculous results in Asthmatic Bronchitis as well.

Homoeopathy: Excellent for Psychosomatic Ailments

Psychosomatic means physical disease caused by mental stroke/emotional imbalance. The psychosomatic disorders are Migraine, Asthma, Acidity, Peptic ulcer. Allergy, Ulcerative colitis, etc. in homoeopathy these disorders are treated with satisfaction. Homoeopathy always examines patient’s mental frame in all cases and remedies are given acting at the level of mind and body together. Perhaps no other system of medicine has such a superb approach of tackling the mind-body disorders with definite therapeutic agents. Homoeopathic remedies are capable of influencing the state of mind. They can specifically act to emotional disturbance such as excessive anxiety, irritability, insecurity, obsessive traits, undue jealousy, suspicion (paranoid) fears, depression, neurosis etc. by relieving the emotions such as above, homoeopathic remedies bring about harmonious state of health. Thus homoeopathy demonstrates the possibility of the highest goal of medicine that is CURE. It is the therapy for the person and not for the disease alone. Homoeopathic remedies can cure emotionally disturbed states.

Homoeopathy: Not A Last Resort: But the First.

It is always advisable to seek medical help as soon as suffering is experienced. To obtain the best results and full benefits of homoeopathic science, one should go in for homoeopathic treatment in the early phase of sickness. Because of ignorance and lack of awareness in general public about the usefulness of homoeopathy in all kinds of diseases, ranging from cold to cancer, many patients approach homoeopathy when all other systems have failed. By this time disease must have advanced to an unimaginable state.


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