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Homoeopathic Approach to Epilepsy

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Epilepsy: A neurological disorder marked by sudden recurrent episodes of sensory disturbance, loss of consciousness, or convulsions, associated with abnormal electrical activity in the brain. It can be Primary and Secondary types which depends on the underlying cause.
Primary or idiopathic seizures are commonly coming under the diagnosis of “epilepsy”. Secondary epilepsy linked to various other pathologies are entirely different, and require different approaches based on treatment of the primary condition.

Homeopathy Offers Cure: Homeopathy, offers the possibility of a genuine cure in the majority of cases, and in certain circumstances it can be combined with conventional treatment medicines.

The first thing is in homeopathy, there is no such thing as one remedy indicated for every case. Each prescription is individual, and is selected based on the criteria involving the general characteristics of the patient and the modifying factors of the symptoms. We must also appreciate that from a homeopathic approach, seizures are the acute manifestation of an underlying chronic condition, and the latter must be addressed if there is to be a successful cure. Successful homeopathic treatment addresses the underlying chronic condition without merely suppressing external symptoms. The patient will then be free of seizures and healthier overall, with the chance of a longer life. Often, he will not need to stay on medications; conventional drugs can usually be stopped or the dosages dramatically reduced.

Causes of Epilepsy: Trauma, infection, toxins and hereditary factors are all recognized and easily-understandable causes of epilepsy, other causes account for many cases. Vaccination, which can cause neurological problems shortly after the vaccine is given. Mental factors such as fright, and particularly grief, can also be significant in triggering fits.
Additionally, a history of any skin disease that quickly responded to drug therapy (or even to holistic treatments) can be a clue.

Individualized Treatment: Most cases of idiopathic epilepsy fall into the homeopathic category of “one-sided diseases”, in which only one symptom presents, or one symptom is so dominant that it overshadows any others that may be present. Homeopathically, this presents quite a challenge and therefore different strategies are needed to select the curative remedy.

Taking the case includes the symptoms of the convulsions, possible causes in the individual, and any concomitant symptoms.
While in its homoeopathic treatment, such diseases are understood by its detailed symptoms of each part and of whole of the human being and a pattern is seen then its medicine is searched out of the list of homeopathically known medicines. Only one such medicine is selected which corresponds to the pattern of symptoms of the patient.  This process in homoeopathy is called INDIVIDUALLIZATION. The same individualization helps in selecting the potency and repetition of medicine selected. It is all together a very specialized process as it involves the dispensing of medicine as per the need of the patient’s individualization.

This individualization process is the real hard-working task of the homoeopathic doctor which takes a pretty good time and its exactness depends on the skill of the doctor. When a homoeopathic doctor is skilled one then his selection will be the apt one and that medicine works in the case with the very first dose.
This process does not end up with one prescription rather it needs many follow-ups in the required intervals and in each follow-up consultation, changing patterns are studied and further selection of medicines are done. Yes! Know this and it’s very important that at one time only one medicine is given to patient and in the required doses.
Hence, truly speaking homoeopathy can completely root out the epilepsy in whatever stages it is in but one should select the skilled homoeopathic doctor who can really do it with due diligence.
The goal is to use the collected symptoms to select from over 5,000 homeopathic medicines the one that best matches all the symptoms of the individual. Sometimes there will be one clear-cut unique symptom (e.g. seizures only occur at the full moon and/or at night), or else all the symptoms clearly point to one remedy (the similimum).

Potency and Frequency of Dosing: Once trained in homeopathy, people develop a preference for administering single doses only, perhaps repeated for a few days to stimulate the curative effect, or repeated liquid dilutions. Since the goal of homeopathy is to stimulate the body to heal itself, to rebalance, remedies should not need to be given for life.
Homoeopathy offers the solution for its permanent resolution but depends on the skill of homoeopathic doctor.


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