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Grey hair says a lot about your health

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Grey hair says a lot about your health


Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal

Everyone is so conscious about their hair health these days. Everybody wants to have a good hair day. But one or two grey hair ruin the look. One can get back the natural hair color and this can be possible by knowing the actual reason behind the problem and by finding a perfect solution for that.

Hair is a type of protein filament which grows from follicles found in the skin. Each strand of hair consists of two parts:

A Root: It is the bottom part which keeps the hair fixed under the scalp

A Shaft: It is the colored part growing out of our scalp

The root of each hair strand is associated with a tube like tissue under the skin which is called the hair follicle. These hair follicles consist of certain number of pigment cells. Such pigment cells constantly produce a chemical called melanin. This chemical named melanin has a very cosmetic type of function as it assigns color to the skin, hair and eye. So, melanin is basically responsible for the type of hair color you’ve got. It provides color to the growing shaft of hair which can be black, brown, red, and anything. Absence or lack of melanin in the hair follicle will result in light hair color like white or grey.

Conditions affecting the hair color:

Aging: As we grow older, these pigment cells in the hair follicles gradually die. When very fewer pigment cells are left in hair follicles then it will result in lack of melanin and the hair strand will become transparent or colorless and it will turn the hair strand into greyish or whitish. Changing of color due to aging is called achromotrichia.

Stress: Stress is the main reason for achromotrichia. Acute or chronic stress both can cause greying of hair. Chronic stress may also lead to premature achromotrichia.

Hereditary reasons: People are getting their hair grey in young age too. This problem is due to hereditary reasons. There is a medical condition named Albinism which is a genetic abnormality in which a very little or no pigment is found.

Vitiligo: It can result due to vitiligo in which a patchy loss of hair or skin color can be seen due to auto-immune process.

Malnutrition: There can be a possibility of having grey hair due to lack of proper nutrition. And it may also lead to thin, lighter and brittle hair. Deficiency of Vitamin A and B group vitamins along with minerals copper, iron and zinc can cause a serious damage to the health of the hair.

Treatment in Homoeopathy:

Above mentioned causes are some of the major factors with which one can relate. These factors affects only when the immunity of person is weak. The immunity has a lot to do with your overall health including the hair health. Strong immune system may not allow any factor to dominate your body. To boost up the immunity one must go for homoeopathic medicines. Any change in the color, texture, growth, volume of the hair can be reversible with homoeopathic medicine. Homoeopathy fights with the tendency of getting a particular problem especially if it is prevailing in a family by preventing it and making the immune strong.

There are many homoeopathic remedies which can be very useful and should only be taken by consulting a homoeopath.

There are also some good natural homoeopathic hair products which are free from harmful chemicals which one should use to nourish their hair properly which will keep the hair color unchanged too.

So, make every day a good hair day by making your hair chemical free and introducing them with homoeopathy.


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