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A healthy Heart Means Healthy You

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When a new life arrives in the womb of the expected mother, around 5th to 6th week of pregnancy we can hear the heartbeat. Since then our heart starts beating for each one of us for the rest of our life.

The heart has its own natural rhythm which under normal circumstances we are not conscious of.
In fact it’s only when the rhythm is lost you become conscious of your heart and start feeling something has gone wrong with your heart. You hear a flutter and It’s called palpitation.

When you are running, exercising or shouting loudly your heart may beat faster and loud. But it comes back to its normal beat soon.

Human body is such a unique design of Mother Nature our acquired intelligence is no match to it. Even now we have not stopped our exploration and research into it. We have been trying to understand the functioning of the heart in all its states as newer and newer awareness of its complex functioning is coming to light.

Each human body is a designer model though it looks alike in some respects. Each cell of it is in close touch with its neighboring cell. It lives in synchronicity with each of its neighboring cell in a harmonious way as if it’s all a big love affair.

They love each other so much that if one is out of rhythm the other begins it’s close chime like the beloved shows it’s concern and sympathy to the other. There is a kind of symbiotic relationship between them.

Human Heart consists of one such group of cells toiling to supply oxygen to each cell though pumping blood. Hence our heart comes in the category of prime organs of the body whose defect cannot be endured even for a minute.

Our heart is a construction work of many million years of evolution. During the ages it has emerged itself by constantly fine tuning itself.

Some 500 million years before it developed as a tube-like structure and then after 50 million years of fine tuning it became a primitive 4 chambered heart as in a fish. Since then it is endlessly remodeling itself. In later years, it became a most evolved organ in the humans.

It originates from the throat and settles in the little left side of the chest and contains 4 chambers. It is situated in between the lungs. But functionally both lungs are in between the heart.

Our when it comes to heart, we start thinking of effects of cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid related problems etc. Yes! They all matter for our health. But something more is essential if you are serious about the Heath of your heart.

It’s very important to Mind your feelings: Your heart is mainly attuned with your feelings and emotions. Look for your feelings as it is going to temper the rhythm of your heart.

Are you angry, sad or anxious? These negative emotions affects your heart and as an attempt to deal with them your heart whispers its own language to resolve such issues.

Your heart reads and feels the language of love which puts it to rhythm and makes itself calm and puts you at peace!

Feeling of hostility: This is one of the important of the negative emotions which put you into untold anxiety and fears.
A new meta-analysis of research on hostility and physical health was conducted some time back. It includes 15 studies used in previous meta-analytic reviews and 30 new independent studies. Overall, the results suggest that hostility is an independent risk factor for coronary heart disease (CHD).
Therefore there is a dire need to Self-examine yourself deeply and know the architecture of your mind. Read your thoughts and imaginations.

Homoeopathy delves deep into the human personality, disposition and demeanor. It’s unique system of case taking has such a depth by which this hostility can be addressed and cured. It needs to be emphasized and re-emphasized that Homeopathy is the unique of the medical systems which postulates that an individual is not merely a composition of atoms. It takes into account the total individual and bases it’s therapeutics on the totality of symptoms of an individual.
While diet, exercise are important in the scheme of health, modern research shows that meditation , laughter , peaceful approach can ignite certain neuropeptides like endorphins , oxytocin and contributes to the feeling of love and peace.

The primary source of your health is Peace, Peace and Peace. And Homeopathy can create an effective environment for your peace and health.

But it is your take to choose peace and choose Homoeopathy.


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